ISBN 9788121616928,Aurtein Sex Love Aur Lust

Aurtein Sex Love Aur Lust



Hind Pocket Books Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788121616928

ISBN-10 8121616921

Paper Back

Language (Hindi)

Literature fiction

Auratein, Sex, Love Aur Lust is the Hindi edition of the national bestseller Khushwant Singh on Women, Sex, Love And Lust. It is a collection of some of his best writings on these subjects, compiled and edited by him. The author is famously known for presenting his liberal views on such controversial topics.

Each of the inclusions in this book is a sheer work of genius in its own sense. This compilation will turn out to be appealing, inventive, and rather revealing to anybody who is on a pursuit to find out answers to some of the most lasting and yet often unanswered questions. The author also shares his imagination on what came first, love or lust and his viewpoint on contentious topics like arranged marriages, chastity, and celibacy.

The book provides the reader a healthy mix of wide variety of compilations from the famous novelist. The author carefully scrutinises the blurring lines between erotica, obscenity, and pornography. He even presents a portrayal of sex by Chaturbhani from the era of 200-350 B.C.

One of the prominent features of the writings in this book is that it gives you a different viewpoint on taboo topics like ‘gender divide,’ as the author has been writing on such topics way before they became popular. The readers also get to feel a different side of Khushwant Singh; get to peek into the feminist side of the author’s heart too. Auratein, Sex, Love Aur Lust was published by HPB/FC in 2012 and is available in paperback.

Key Features:

The book is loaded with myths, poems, and proverbs from Indian and foreign legends.
The credentials range from Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Whitman to Faiz, Iqbal, and Kalidas, also contain luscious quotes from reputed writers like Wodehouse and Russell.