ISBN 9788190802079,Australian Legendary Tales

Australian Legendary Tales



Readworthy Publications Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788190802079

ISBN-10 8190802070


Number of Pages 195 Pages
Language (English)


Stories have been an all-time favourite of children since ages. They not only offer a healthy entertainment to children, but also impart moral lessons to them. This book presents a collection of thirty-one folklore legends of the tribe of blacks of Australia, known as the Narran tribe. Enriched with beautiful illustrations, it provides deep insights into the life and culture of the Australian natives, the diversity of their language and custom, their thoughts, fancies and beliefs, and their struggle for food and water. The book also contains a section on comprehension and language practice, based on the text of the legendary tales, to improve the cognitive and language skills of the children. About the Author Katie Langloh Parker was a well-known Australian folklore writer who lived in the Australian outback most of her life. She wrote four books, three of native folklore and one on ethnography of the Eulayhi tribe. Table of Contents Dinewan the Emu, and Goomblegubbon the Bustard The Galah, and Oolah the Lizard Bahloo the Moon and the Daens The Origin of the Narran Lake Gooloo the Magpie, and the Wahroogah The Weeoombeens and the Piggiebillah Bootoolgah the Crane and Goonur the Kangaroo Rat, the Fire Makers Weedah the Mocking Bird The Gwineeboos the Redbreasts Meamei the Seven Sisters The Cookooburrahs and the Goolahgool The Mayamah The Bunbundoolooeys Oongnairwah and Guinarey Narahdarn the Bat Mullyangah the Morning Star Goomblegubbon, Beeargah, and Ouyan Mooregoo the Mopoke, and Bahloo the Moon Ouyan the Curlew Dinewan the Emu, and Wahn the Crows Goolahwilleel the Topknot Pigeons Goonur, the Woman-Doctor Deereeree the Wagtail, and the Rainbow Mooregoo the Mopoke, and Mooninguggahgul the Mosquito Bird Bougoodoogahdah the Rain Bird The Borah of Byamee Bunnyyarl the Flies and Wurrunnunnah the Bees Deegeenboyah the Soldier-bird Mayrah, the Wind that Blows the Winter Away Wayarmbeh the Turtle Wirreenun the Rainmaker