ISBN 9789382363330,Autumnal Leaves: Tales in Translation

Autumnal Leaves: Tales in Translation



Readworthy Publications (P) Ltd.

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789382363330

ISBN-10 9382363335


Number of Pages 128 Pages
Language (English)

Translation & interpretation

These stories bring life to rural and suburban humanity and their despair, zest, faith; in short, their life.
The stories weave a panorama of the fabric of life in a world where birth, death, grief, joy and anything life throws up, is accepted naturally and without a struggle.
We believe that this author would have a significant chance of making a mark, and in particular of finding favour with both the Indian and the Western reading publics, it is the fusion of cultures that broaden horizons and perspectives.
- Mark Sykes
About the Author
P.M. Nayak, born in Sonepur-on-Mahanadi in 1939, obtained PhD. from Sambalpur University in 1984. Registrar in Sambalpur and Berhampur Universities, he was in the Executive of All India Universities Administrators Association in 1997. He chaired sessions in EACLALS, Austria in 1993 and retired as Professor in 1997. With publications in national and international journals, Prof. Nayak has authored around 40 books including Pavanadutam (tr.), The Voice of Silence, Impact of Chauhan Rule, Inscriptions of Odisha and Sangitara Swara. Prof. Nayak is, at present, Director, Valmiki Ramayana Project, Rashtriya Sanskrit University, Tirupati.
Table of Contents:
Foreword--Tales from India--Type IV (Ananta Prasad Panda) --The Grass (Raj Kishore Patnaik)--Obeisance (Raj Kishore Ray)--Rasagola --The Nestled (Basanta Kumar Satapathy)--Mahanirvana--Sri Krishna's Last Smile (Surendra Mohanty)--Blossoms Upon the Fig Tree (Akhil Mohan Patnaik)--Jhan Singh (Achyutananda Pati)--Mukta Dei (Krishna Prasad Mishra)--The Lonely Present (Ramchandra Behera)--A brief note on authors