ISBN 9789383921447,AWR1 Writing for Radio in English

AWR1 Writing for Radio in English



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789383921447

ISBN-10 9383921447


Number of Pages 186 Pages
Language (English)


AWR-1 Topics Covered Block1 The Medium Unit1 Radio : An Introduction Unit2 Radio : A Historical Perspective Unit3 Radio : Signs and Codes Unit4 Translating and Adapting to Radio Codes : Replacement of Visual Codes by Auditory Codes Block2 Reaching the Public Unit5 Radio and Mass Communication Unit6 Public Service Announcements Unit7 Scripting for News Unit8 Documentaries, Features, Magazines & Profiles Unit9 Interviews and Discussions Block3 The Imagination Unit10 Radio Plays Unit11 Adaptations of Novels, Short Stories, Classics for Radio Unit12 Sports, Special Events and Entertainment Block4 Radio and Education Unit13 The Role of Radio in Education Unit14 Radio for Children Unit15 School Broadcasts Unit16 Radio and NonFormal Education Unit17 Radio and Distance Education Contents Chapter1 The Medium Chapter2 Reaching the Public Chapter3 The Imagination Chapter4 Radio and Education Question Papers June: 2012 (Solved December: 2012 (Solved) June: 2013 (Solved) December: 2013 (Solved) June: 2014 (Solved)