ISBN 9788172452513,Awsome Experiments In Force And Motion

Awsome Experiments In Force And Motion



Goodwill Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788172452513

ISBN-10 8172452519


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)

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Table Of Contents Part One : Staying put Loop Launch Unseen Glue Card Shot Stationary Spin Egg Spin Good Catch! Marbles in a Mug Stack Shot Upside-Down Water With or Without Inertia Part Two : In the balance Center of Gravity Balancing Spud Slip Slider Floating Flavor Salt Float Going Up? Destiny in Density Undercurrents Taking a Dive Pumice Impostors Up 'n' Down Spaghetti.. Cartesian Diver Blow All Ballast.. Concrete Ships Balloon Elevator Part Three : What's the attraction? Penny Pool.. Filled to the Brim? Science on a Kite String Six to One Water's Skin Pepper Plate Spreading Loop Umbrella in a Jar Pluggin' the Holes Watery Hand Lens Soap Powered Fish Bubbles Bubble Domes Bubble Frame Rope Bubble Maker Part Four : The pushes and pulls of air An Invisible Ocean Pouring Air Down the Drain Underwater Boat.. Flying Strip Level Climb Blown Away? Perhaps Spin By Me Pick-Up Game Fly Ball Game May the Force Be with You Upside-Down Magic The Straw Dropper Water Tower Siphon Pressure Drop Paper Pressure Going In? Can Crusher Unseen Crashes Out of the Way Hooking Up Part Five: Motion madness Keep Cranking A Spin on Things Flying Potato Pieces Twisted Spools Come on Back, Can Prop Power Reaction to an Action On Track. Balloon Cars Index