ISBN 9789384052935,Back in Time

Back in Time


Bloomsbury India



Bloomsbury India

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789384052935

ISBN-10 9384052930


Number of Pages 168 Pages
Language (English)


Tamanna is back in 1983. She and Manoj are very much in love with each other, against all odds. But with the camera getting stolen she has no idea how she will ever get back to the present. She tries not to panic and to enjoy life in the 80s, while saving her Ajji??s house from the scheming and conniving Rukmini. And it sure is strange to be the same age as her mom, who is fortunately unaware that Tamanna is her daughter from the future! Then, just as she is beginning to get used to this life, the future starts catching up with her in a way that she could not have anticipated.

This irresistible sequel to No Time for Goodbyes will remind you of your first love andhow, no matter what, there is always the reassuring comfort of family.

About the Author

Abdaleeb Wajid writes about food, relationships, weddings, not necessarily in that order. She worked as a technical writer, content writer and food writer for several years before quitting so she could write full-time.

The first book in the Tamanna Trilogy by Andaleeb, No Time for Goodbyes, was published in April 2014. Back in Time and Time will Tell are the other two books in the trilogy. Andaleeb is also the author of Kite Strings, Blinkers Off, My Brother??s Wedding and More than Just Biriyani. She lives with her husband and two sons in Bangalore.