ISBN 9788121212182,Bangladesh Migrants : A Threat to India

Bangladesh Migrants : A Threat to India


P. K. Mishra



Gyan Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788121212182

ISBN-10 8121212189

Hard Back

Language (English)

World history

Bangladesh Migrants - A Threat to India is an effort made by depicting real problems faced in Indo - Bangladesh Border. The biggest problem India is facing is on the country's economy and security due to continuous migration from Bangladesh from British period till today for various factors. The rising population, non-availability of land, unemployment including weak currency, floods and cyclones, push Bangladeshis to India for a better economic opportunity, good education and various Islamic interests. The large presence of about six crore of illegal Bangladeshi migrant shave posed maximum threat to India's security. India has failed to deal with the problem of migration which had involved political interests. The author, in his book has suggested various measures with a wealth of information which will open the eyes of political leaders to understand the gravity of demographic changes noticed in Indian Border States