ISBN 9789339204815,Bank Management & Financial Services

Bank Management & Financial Services



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789339204815

ISBN-10 9339204816


Edition 8th
Number of Pages 768 Pages
Language (English)


Bank Management and Financial Services is designed to help students master established management principles and to confront the perplexing issues of risk, regulation, technology and competition that bankers and other financialservice managers see as their greatest challenges for the present and future. This new edition offers the student many of the key trends and changes in the financial-services sector. With this relevant information students are able to grasp the rapid changes that are happening in this course area and in the real world. Book Features: New coverage on the efforts of U and foreign governments to "bail out" the financial institutions sector A look at the strengths and weaknesses of the securitization process and an examination of the use of interest-rate and currency hedging instruments A look at the mortgage market crisis and its impact on financial-market conditions and the economy An exploration of the rise of China, India, Korea, Japan and other leading nations inside the global financial system New and recently updated problems: A significant number of new and recently updated problems (including Excel-based problems) are included Table of Contents: Part I: Introduction to Banking and Financial Services Chapter 1: An Overview of the Changing Financial-Services Sector Chapter 2: The Impact of Government Policy and Regulation on the Financial-Services Industry Chapter 3: The Organization and Structure of Banking and the Financial-Services Industry Chapter 4: Establishing New Banks, Branches, ATMs, Telephone Services and Web Sites Part II: Financial Statements and Financial Firm Performance Chapter 5: The Financial Statements of Banks and their Principal Competitors Chapter 6: Measuring and Evaluating the Performance of Banks and their Principal Competitors Part III: Tools for Managing and Hedging Against Risk Chapter 7: Risk Management for Changing Interest Rates: Assets-Liability Management and Duration Techniques Chapter 8: Risk Management: Financial Futures, Options, Swaps and Other Hedging Tools Chapter 9: Risk Management: Asset-Backed Securities, Loan Sales, Credit Standbys and Credit Derivatives Part IV: Managing Investment Portfolios and Liquidity Positions for Financial Firms Chapter 10: The Investment Function in Banking and Financial Services Management Chapter 11: Liquidity and Reserve Management: Strategies and Policies Part V: Managing Sources of Funds for a Financial Firm Chapter 12: Managing and Pricing Deposit Services Chapter 13: Managing Non deposit Liabilities Chapter 14: Investment Banking, Insurance and other Sources of Fee Income Chapter 15: The Management of Capital Part VI: Providing Loans to Businesses and Consumers Chapter 16: Lending Policies and Procedures Chapter 17: Lending to Business Firms and Pricing Business Loans Chapter 18: Consumer Loans, Credit Cards and Real Estate Lending Part VII: Managing the Future in a Global Marketplace Chapter 19: Acquisitions and Mergers in Financial-Services Management Chapter 20: International Banking and the Future of Banking and Financial-Services Dictionary of Banking and Financial-Services Terms