ISBN 9788120342378,Banking And Finance : Theory, Law And Practice

Banking And Finance : Theory, Law And Practice





PHI learning Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788120342378

ISBN-10 8120342372


Number of Pages 368 Pages
Language (English)


In a fast changing world, everything is subject to change and the field of banking is not an exception to this. It has also undergone significant changes over the years. This book, in the light of developmental changes, highlights and explains the concepts of banking and finance, and presents an up-to-date legal discussion on the subject. It is written in a simple and an easy-to-understand language. The text is divided into two parts. Part I on Banking and Finance: Theory covers a wide range of topics such as money, evolution and systems of banking, classification of banks, commercial and hi-tech banking, deployment of funds, new finance services, banker's clearing house, central banking, Indian finance system, Indian money market, banking legislation in India, etc. Part II on Banking and Finance: Law and Practice deals with the relationship between a bank and a customer, bank deposits, banking instruments, bank accounts, lending, etc. This book is primarily intended for the undergraduate students of commerce. It will also be useful to the students of economics, banking professionals, chartered accountants and to all those who are engaged in commercial field. KEY FEATURES : Presents chapter-wise division and arrangement of topics enabling easy understanding of terms, definitions and concepts. Includes tables and charts to elucidate the concepts discussed. Includes modern technological developments. Provides chapter-end questions to test the extent of understanding acquired by the reader.