ISBN 9780070681804,Basic Electrical Engineering

Basic Electrical Engineering



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070681804

ISBN-10 0070681805


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 512 Pages
Language (English)

Electrical engineering

This Schaum's Outline Series book on Basic Electrical Engineering gives a complete overview of the subject. Emphasis is placed on the basic laws, theorems and problem-solving approach. The revision has further elaborated and enhanced the worth of the book by including more solved example and OTQs which has made more examination oriented. Key Features Complete topical coverage of first year paper on `Basic Electrical Engineering? Elaborated topics like; Power Transfer Theorem, Measurement of Three Phase Power and Basic Measurement Instrumentation as per Indian examination pattern. Addition of Solved Problems from university question papers Addition of 50 Solved Problems and 60 Objective Type Questions Rich pool of pedagogy of more than 700 solved problems and students? practice problems given in the book OLC accompanies the book. TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface to Third Edition Preface List of Important Symbols List of Important Abbreviations List of Important Formulae 1. Circuit Elements and Laws 2. Analysis of Resistive Circuits 3. AC Circuits under Steady State 4. Transient Circuit Analysis 5. Special Forcing Function and Laplace Transforms 6. State-Variable Circuit Analysis 7. Diodes 8. Bipolar Junction Transistors 9. Field-Effect Transistors Important Formulae 10. Operational Amplifiers 11. Switching Logic and Circuits 12. Digital Logic Applications 13. Transformers 14. Electro mechanics and Electric Machines 15. Concepts of Control Transfer Functions 16. Block Diagrams and Signal Flow Graphs 17. Control Criteria and Response 18. Basic Measuring Instruments Solved Problems Objective Type Questions Answers to Objective Type Questions Index Appendix B Matrices and Determinants Appendix C Multiple Choice Questions