ISBN 9788131718889,Basic Engineering Thermodynamics

Basic Engineering Thermodynamics


Rayner Joel



Pearson Education

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788131718889

ISBN-10 8131718883


Number of Pages 660 Pages
Language (English)

Electrical engineering

Engineering thermodynamics is a subject requiring serious thought and study. It's the backbone of the modern industry, as it's responsible for almost all of its energy needs. The generation of power would not be possible on a large scale without power generating machines. The electronics and electrical industry would not be able to run without the electrical generating plants. Such is the importance of engineering thermodynamics. In fact, behind the generation of power and the operation of the internal combustion engine lies the thermodynamic conversion process. It's also responsible for the functioning of the transport systems, such as motor cars, aircraft, and railways. Many of the processes essential to modern day life, such as lighting, heating, and computing, require the thermodynamic conversion process to occur efficiently.

The new edition of Basic Engineering Thermodynamics treats the subject matter comprehensively, dividing the book into two sections. The earlier chapters provide the fundamental theory governing engineering thermodynamics, and the later chapters introduce real applications.
Basic Engineering Thermodynamics consists of eighteen chapters, some of which include Laws of Thermodynamics, Systems, Entropy, Steam Turbines, Steam Engine, Nozzles, Engine Trials, Thermodynamic Reversibility, Air and Gas Compressors, Combustion, Internal Combustion Engines, and Heat Transfer. The illustrations in this fifth edition are updated, and new diagrams have been added to aid understanding. The questions at the end of each chapter, provided for students' revision, are now larger in number. Most curriculums will be able to use Basic Engineering Thermodynamics as a reference text.

The author Rayner Joel has adopted a non-mathematical approach to thermodynamics, so that students focus on concepts. Basic Engineering Thermodynamics emphasizes on the efficient and effective conversion of heat and energy. A number of solved examples help develop the learners' problem-solving skills.

About Rayner Joel

Rayner Joel was the Head of the Mechanical Engineering department at Hackney University Technical College in London. Rayner is the author of Basic Engineering Thermodynamics in SI Units, Thermodynamics Level 4, and Heat Engines.