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Basic Entomology 2005: A Practical Manual


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Daya Publishing House

Publication Year 2005-01-02

ISBN 9788170353539

ISBN-10 817035353X


Number of Pages 128 Pages
Language English
Biodiversity is helpful for sustainable development of a region or a country hence occupied the place in International agenda. Therefore, in the present book emphasis is given on morphological and taxonomical diversity of insects. The book contain 20 experiments related to morphology, taxonomy, classification and identification of insects. The aspects covered in the book refers to study of generalised insect, morphology of head, thorax and abdomen and their appendages. Types of eggs, larvae and pupae; classification, features of orders and families with suitable examples and sketches of insects. A very useful knowledge on insects is provided by effective manner in this book. Hence the book is useful guide to students and teachers in the field of entomology and environmental sciences. Contents Chapter 1: Study of Generalised Insect; Chapter 2: Head Appendages: Mouth Parts; Chapter 3: Types of Antennae; Chapter 4: Types of Heads; Chapter 5: Wings and its Types; Chapter 6: Leg and its Types; Chapter 7: Types of Abdominal Appendages; Chapter 8: Types of Eggs; Chapter 9: Types of Larvae; Chapter 10: Types of Pupae; Chapter 11: Classification of Insects; Chapter 12: Pterygota; Chapter 13: Order: Phasmida; Chapter 14: Order: Mallophaga; Chapter 15: Order: Hemiptera; Chapter 16: Division: Enopterygota; Chapter 17: Order: Neuroptera; Chapter 18: Order: Siphonaptera; Chapter 19: Order: Coleoptera; Chapter 20: Order: Hymenoptera; Chapter 21: Order: Lepidoptera; Chapter 22: Order: Diptera.