ISBN 9780199451630,Basic Stereochemistry Of Organic Molecules

Basic Stereochemistry Of Organic Molecules



Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780199451630

ISBN-10 019945163X

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Number of Pages 636 Pages
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Organic chemistry

Basic Stereochemistry of Organic Molecules provides basic knowledge of both static and dynamic stereochemistry. It caters to the requirements of not only undergraduate chemistry (Hons) students but also useful for postgraduate students as a preliminary text on the subject.

It starts with explaining the concepts of symmetry and dissymmetry in molecules and then moves on to discuss the stereoisomerism of chiral molecules. Further it explains various types of diastereoisomerism and conformational analysis of cyclohexanes, cyclic and acyclic organic compounds. The concepts of dynamic stereochemistry and pericyclic reactions are discussed next. Lastly, it discusses stereochemical aspects of a few important organic reactions