ISBN 9781401224172,Batman: Battle for the Cowl

Batman: Battle for the Cowl


Random House India



Random House India

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9781401224172

ISBN-10 1401224172


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)

Graphic novels: superheroes

Gotham breaks under the absence of its protector in Batman: Battle For The Cowl, a graphic novel by Tony Daniel.

Summary of the Book

Due to the guilt at his involvement in the plan to kill Batman, Michael Lane takes up the mantle of Azrael and defends the properties of the suit from Damian, Batman's son. Dick Grayson has refused the Mantle of the Bat, but he operates as a darker, harder Nightwing than he ever was. Yet what chance does he have at stopping the chaos in Gotham? Was it ever Batman's skills that kept Gotham's scum intact or was it his mere symbolic presence? Can Nightwing be the replacement that Gotham needs? Someone seems to disagree as a stranger takes up the Cowl and Cape to impersonate the Batman. This false Batman doesn't mind killing his foes, defying Batman's number one rule. Who is this impersonator? Can Dick fight off a man who is pretending to be his mentor? Or will he fall to his enemy? If he cannot take on the mantle of the Batman, he will be forced to watch Gotham burn, and Bruce's spirit will never rest.

About Tony Daniel

Tony S. Daniel is an American comic book artist, writer, illustrator and penciller best known for working with DC Comics in the Teen Titans, Flash: The Fastest Man Alive and Batman titles.

He is also known for Batman #670-681, DC Universe #0, Detective Comics Volume 1 - #0-12, Action Comics Volume 2 - #19-21 and for the following Marvel Comics titles: X-Force Annual #2 and Gambit & the X-ternals #1-2.