ISBN 9781905740000,Bayesian Statistics and Its Applications

Bayesian Statistics and Its Applications



Anshan Publishers

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9781905740000

ISBN-10 190574000X


Number of Pages 508 Pages
Language (English)

Medical genetics

In the last two decades, Bayesian Statistics has acquired immense importance and has penetrated almost every area including those where the application of statistics appeared to be a remote possibility. This volume provides both theoretical and practical insights into the subject with detailed up-to-date material on various aspects. It serves two important objectives - to offer a thorough background material for theoreticians and gives a variety of applications for applied statisticians and practitioners.
Consisting of 33 chapters it covers topics on biostatistics, econometrics, reliability, image analysis, Bayesian computation, neural networks, prior elicitation, objective Bayesian methodologies, role of randomisation in Bayesian analysis, spatial data analysis, nonparametrics and a lot more.

The book will serve as an excellent reference work for updating knowledge and for developing new methodologies in a wide variety of areas. It will become an invaluable tool for statisticians and the practitioners of Bayesian paradigm.

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