ISBN 9780143068761,Beautiful from this Angle

Beautiful from this Angle


Pengiun Books



Pengiun Books

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780143068761

ISBN-10 0143068768


Number of Pages 240 Pages
Language (English)
Amynah Farooqui writes 'Party Queen on the Scene', a weekly anonymous gossip column for a Karachi magazine. Amynah, who makes no apologies for her life of casual sex and recreational drugs, is the polar opposite of her best friends, Mumtaz and Henna, whom she wishes would lighten up--especially Mumtaz, who is too uptight to be the daughter of a drug baron. When party regular Monty Mohsin starts raking in the moolah producing a reality TV show called Who Wants to Be a Terrorist? Mumtaz decides to cash in on the trend by making a documentary on violence against women in Pakistan. And the ever-resourceful Amynah finds the perfect subject in Nilofer, Henna's childhood friend from the village. As filming begins, it becomes obvious that each of them has their own agenda--including Nilofer, who's not as helpless and innocent as she seems. The stress of the project, along with pressure from Henna's politician father, draws the friends apart. Then tragedy strikes and changes their lives forever. Maha Khan Phillips's Beautiful from This Angle is a sensational debut that serves up a cocktail of Chanel and cocaine, fundoos and feudalism, while on the search for love and happiness among Pakistan's swish set.