ISBN 9781476731537,Beautiful Stranger

Beautiful Stranger


Simon & Schuster



Simon & Schuster

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781476731537

ISBN-10 1476731535


Number of Pages 352 Pages
Language (English)


Beautiful Stranger, written by Christina Lauren, is the sequel to Beautiful Bastard. It is the story of a girl who meets a charming British playboy, finally determined to enjoy life and live it on her terms. Summary Of The Book Finance whiz Sara Dillon moves to New York City upon escaping from a cheating ex and looks forward to experience exciting moments without any sort of commitments. She takes up the post of a finance director at the office of Ryan Group in New York. She meets a stunning stranger at a dance club, who was quite irresistible. That meeting shouldn't have necessarily meant anything more than a one night stand. Sara assumes it to be so as well. But it so happened that the stranger whom she hooked up with, melted her away from all her inhibitions. He takes a video of their sexual encounter. When Sara views this video, she discovers a side of her she hasn't explored before. She also remains worried that it might affect her career. While hooking up with Max in random places where people could spot them, having him close to her was scarier than actually getting caught. On the other hand, Max, who always had a desire for casual sex, finds it hard to resist Sara and he finds himself pursuing her. However, they try to keep the relationship casual and private. Will they get over their fear of commitment and start a relationship? How will these new developments affect Sara's life? How will her life with Max change her career? This book answers these questions and more. About Christina Lauren Christina Lauren is the pen name of Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings. Christina and Lauren, the two authors of this book are a writing duo and co-authors. The other books that they have written together are Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Bitch, Beautiful Bombshell, Beautiful Player and Beautiful Beginning. Lauren Billings is a Ph.D. scientist, doing research and is a mother of two. Christina Hobbs works in a school counselling office. Christina Lauren's books have made it to the New York Times and USA Today Bestsellers lists.