ISBN 9789383921546,BECE214 Agricultural Development in India

BECE214 Agricultural Development in India



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789383921546

ISBN-10 9383921544


Number of Pages 250 Pages
Language (English)


BECE-214 Agricultural Development in India in English Topics Covered Block-1 Agriculture and Economic Development Unit-1 Agriculture and Economic Growth Unit-2 Land Utilisation and Cropping Pattern Unit-3 Water and Irrigation Resources Block-2 Indian Agriculture: Institutional Perspectives Unit 4 Land and Agrarian Relations during the Pre-Independence Period Unit-5 Land and Agrarian Relations during the Post-Independence Period Unit-6 Panchayati Raj and Local Self Government Block-3 Agricultural Development Through the Plans Unit-7 Role and Importance of Agriculture in Indian Economy Unit-8 Diversification Trends of Indian Agriculture Unit -9 Forestry in India: Linkage with Agricultural Sector Unit-10 Rural Industrialisation Programme Block-4 Technological Changes in Indian Agriculture Unit-11 Green Revolution Unit-12 New Technology and Distribution of Gains Unit-13 Trends in Agricultural Productivity Unit-14 New and Emerging Agricultural Practices Block-5 State and Agricultural Sector Unit-15 Capital Formation in Indian Agriculture Unit-16 Agricultural Marketing in India Unit-17 Co-operative Movement and Agriculture in India Unit-18 Institutional Finance, Contract Farming and Food Supply Chain Block-6 Issues in Agricultural Sector-I Unit-19 Food Security Unit-20 Agricultural Price Policy and Food Inflation Unit-21 Environmental Impact of Agricultural Progress Unit-22 New Agricultural Strategy Block-7 Issues in Agricultural Sector-II Unit-23 Agricultural Taxation, Subsidies and Insurance Unit-24 Agricultural Labour and Wages Unit-25 Small Farmers Distress and Mgnrega Block-8 Agriculture and International Context Unit-26 Foreign Trade in Agricultural Goods Unit-27 International Commitments Question Paper June: 2014 (Solved)