ISBN 9780070532854,Before The Brand : Creating The Unique Dna Of An Enduring Brand Identity

Before The Brand : Creating The Unique Dna Of An Enduring Brand Identity



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9780070532854

ISBN-10 0070532850


Number of Pages 288 Pages
Language (English)


Before you start building a brand through advertising, marketing, and public relations, you had better know the difference between identity and image in order to establish an effective, enduring brand identity--a verbal, visual, and experiential formula that bestows credibility and attracts attention. Before the Brand is a crash course in brand identity basics that describes successful long-term strategies for creating and refocusing brand identities for all types of companies, products, services, and technologies. Knowing one's true identity makes it easier to speak the right message to intended audiences and allows for a strong, consistent, relevant, and differentiated brand. This persuasive primer is packed with case studies that glance into the identities of such premier brands as Nutrasweet, Intel, Gatorade, FedEx, and many more. It introduces the controllable elements of brand identity--positioning strategy, brand name, nomenclature, tag line, logo, and more--and shows marketers how to: Develop simple, flexible positioning strategies Create a brand name that hits home with your market Create a dynamic, visual brand personality Reinforce the brand identity through messaging Leverage identity opportunities through cobranding and other formulas About The Author Alycia Perry (Alycia de Mesa) has advised companies, from startups to Fortune 500 companies such as McDonald's and Xerox, in brand identity and naming development. Table Of Contents Preface 1. Identity ABCs Brand identity, branding, brand building ? no, they're not the same. 2. Demystifying Positioning Strategy Yes, strategy can be simple ? and flexible. 3. the Anomaly of Naming The reasons 98 percent of the English dictionary is trademarked. 4. The Yin and Yang of Visuable Identities The path to creating your visual personality. 5. Identity Messaging You've got a name and know what you look like, but what do you say? 6. Digital Identity Identities and the multidimensional experience. 7. Ingredient Branding, Technology Branding, and Other Interesting Formulas Other unique identity opportunities. 8. Applying the Knowledge What to consider when creating Notes Index