ISBN 9789381970171,BEGE 102/ EEG 02 The Structure of Modern English

BEGE 102/ EEG 02 The Structure of Modern English



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381970171

ISBN-10 9381970173


Number of Pages 231 Pages
Language (English)

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BEGE 102 EEG02 The Structure to Modern English CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Phonetics and Phonology 1 Unit1 An Introduction to Phonetics Unit2 English Vowels1 Unit3 English Vowels2 Unit4 English Consonants1 Unit5 English Consonants2 Block 2 Phonetics and Phonology 2 Unit6 Word Stress Unit7 Stress and Rhythm in Connected Speech Unit8 Intonation1 Unit9 Intonation2 Unit10 Intonation3 Block 3 Morphology 1 Unit11 Words and their Elements Unit12 Morphology: Some More Basics Concepts Unit13 Inflectional Morphology of English1 Unit14 Inflectional Morphology of English2 Unit15 Inflectional Morphology of English3 Block 4 Morphology 2 Unit16 Derivational Morphology1 Unit17 Derivational Morphology2 Unit18 Derivational Morphology3 Unit19 Word Compounding1 Unit20 Other Word Formation Processes Block 5 Syntax1: Sentence Structure 1 Unit21 What is a Sentence? Unit22 Basic Sentence Patterns Unit23 The Subject Unit24 The Nature of the Predicate : The Verb Unit25 Objects and Complements Block6 Syntax2: Sentence Structure 2 Unit26 Adverbials Unit27 Negatives Unit28 Questions Unit29 Imperative and Exclamations Block 7 Compound and Complex Sentences Unit30 Clause Types and Sentence Types Unit31 Compound Sentences Unit32 Compound Sentences1 Unit33 Compound Sentences2 Unit34 Compound Sentences3 Block 8 Syntax4: The Noun Phrase and The Verb Phrase Unit35 The Noun Phrase1 The Head : Premodification Unit36 The Noun Phrase2 Postmodification : The Relative Clause Unit37 The Noun Phrase3 Postmodification : The Prepositional Phrase Unit38 The Verb Phrase1 Lexical, Auxiliary and Phrasal Verbs Unit39 The Verb Phrase2 Tense; Aspect; Modality QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2009 2. Solution Paper Dec 2009 3. Solution Paper June 2010 4. Solution Paper Dec 2010 5. Solution Paper June 2011 6. Solution Paper Dec 2011 7. Solution Paper June 2012 8. Question Paper Dec 2012 9. Question Paper June 2013 10. Question Paper Dec 2013 11. Question Paper June 2014