ISBN 9789381970850,BEGE 105/ EEG 05 Understanding Prose

BEGE 105/ EEG 05 Understanding Prose



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381970850

ISBN-10 9381970858


Number of Pages 216 Pages
Language (English)


BEGE 105 Understanding Prose Contents Covered Block 1 Descriptive Prose Unit1 'Understanding Prose' : An Introduction Unit2 Descriptive Prose 1 Unit3 Descriptive Prose 2 Unit4 Descriptive Prose 3 Block 2 Narrative Prose Unit5 Narrative Prose1 Unit6 Narrative Prose2 Unit7 Narrative Prose3 Block 3 Expository Prose Unit8 Expository Prose1 Unit9 Expository Prose2 Unit10 Expository Prose3 Unit11 Expository Prose4 Block 4 Forms of Prose: Short Story Unit12 Introduction to the Short Story Unit13 'Mother' by Judah Waten Unit14 'Misery' by Anton Chekhov Unit15 'The Other Woman' by Dina Mehta Unit16 'The Legacy' by Virginia Woolf Block 5 The Novel: The Binding Vine Unit17 General Introduction to the Indian English Novel Unit18 The Binding Vine by Shashi Deshpande : Plot Unit19 Themes Unit20 Characterisation Unit21 Technique Block 6 NonFictional ProseI: Essays, Letters, Travelogues Unit22 Francis Bacon: "Of Great Place" Unit23 Jamaica Kincaid: "On Seeing England for the First Time" Unit24 Charles Lamb: "A Dissertation upon Roast Pig" Unit25 Jawaharlal Nehru: Letter to Indira Gandhi 'The Quest of Man' Unit26 Bill Aitken: Travels by a Lesser Line 'Last Resort in the South' and 'The Poetic Diction of Steam' Block 7 NonFictional ProseII: Biography, Autobiography, Diary and Speeches Unit27 Boswell's: Life of Johnson Unit28 M.K. Gandhi's: An Autobiography or The Story of My Experiments with Truth Unit29 Anne Frank's: The Diary of a Young Girl Unit30 Margaret Laurence's: "My Final Hour" Question Papers 1. Solution Paper Dec 2009 2. Solution Paper June 2010 3. Solution Paper Dec 2010 4. Solution Paper June 2011 5. Solution Paper Dec 2011 6. Solution Paper June 2012 7. Question Paper Dec 2012 8. QUestion Paper June 2013 9. Question Paper Dec 2013 10. Question Paper June 2014