ISBN 9780340870471,Beginner's Russian

Beginner's Russian


Rachel Farmer



Teach Yourself Books

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9780340870471

ISBN-10 0340870478


Number of Pages 272 Pages
Language (English)


If you really want to learn Russian but are daunted by the prospect of complicated grammar, classes and coursebooks, this book starts right from the beginning and explains everything in simple English. There are hints throughout to make learning easy and you can learn at your own pace with plenty of practice of each new point. It should help you to understand and speak Russian sufficiently well to function effectively in basic everyday situations. The course also offers an insight into Russian culture. The text is divided into three main parts. Units 1-2 introduce you to the Russian alphabet. Units 3-10 cover the basic structures and grammatical points needed in everyday situations. Units 12-20 teach you how to cope with practical everyday situations such as eating out, travelling and making a phone call. This offers the opportunity to put into practice and consolidate the language you have learnt in the first ten units. Unit 11 is a special unit designed to give you the chance to find out something about the handwritten Russian script and to write it down if you choose.If you would rather miss this unit out and concentrate on reading, speaking and listening, you can do so without

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