ISBN 9788126526710,Beginning Javascript, 4Th Ed

Beginning Javascript, 4Th Ed



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788126526710

ISBN-10 8126526718


Number of Pages 792 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Engineering

 Beginning JavaScript 4th edition continues the excellent and tradition of the first three editions, which combined have sold more than 60,000 copies, with more than 75 Amazon reviews.

This edition improves on the first and second editions in several ways:
• More coverage of Ajax and remote scripting - which is driving tremendous renewed JavaScript interest
• Trimming "fat" from the book by removing some peripheral and dated coverage of ASP, databases, and older browser versions
• Updating all the code to insure compliance with the most recent popular web browsers including IE, Firefox and Safari.
• Improved examples throughout the book to use more up-to-date and relevant programming techniques
• Reorganization of chapters to help streamline learning of related topics and to better integrate new topics.


JavaScript, since it's inception, has evolved into the de-facto standard language for client side programming on the Web. Today, because of wide-spread support in the latest release of the most popular web browsers, JavaScript has become a key component that has reshaped the Web from a passive medium into a rich, dynamic, interactive medium. No matter the technology on the server side, whether it's .NET, Ruby on Rails, or something else, it's JavaScript that makes it come alive in the browser, and as the demand for more Rich Internet Applications (RIA) has continued to grow, so has the market for JavaScript.


Publisher Marketing Description:
This book is primarily aimed at web developers who already know HTML and CSS who are learning JavaScript for the first time. However, this book is ideal for web developers with past JavaScript experience who want to quickly get up to speed on the many new advances in JavaScript development ranging from AJAX, and JavaScript frameworks, to the latest features in modern web browsers.


• Best Selling Title - The previous three editions of this book have sold over 60,000 copies worldwide.
• Up-to-date Content - This edition is updated to utilize the latest tools and techniques available to JavaScript developers including new discussions of hot new JavaScript frameworks, and the latest web browsers.
• Growing Market - While JavaScript has shown steady growth in the past, today's emergence of JavaScript based Rich Internet Applications (RIA) for productivity, social networking, and entertainment has created a large demand for JavaScript knowledge.
• Wrox Brand - Written in the classic Wrox Programmer to Programmer style.


• Chapter 1: Introduction to JavaScript and the Web.
• Chapter 2: Data Types and Variables.
• Chapter 3: Decisions, Loops, and Functions.
• Chapter 4: Common Mistakes, Debugging, and Error Handling.
• Chapter 5: JavaScript -- An Object-Based Language.
• Chapter 6: Programming the Browser.
• Chapter 7: HTML Forms: Interacting with the User.
• Chapter 8: Windows and Frames.
• Chapter 9: String Manipulation.
• Chapter 10: Date, Time, and Timers.
• Chapter 11: Storing Information: Cookies.
• Chapter 12: Dynamic HTML and the W3C Document Object Model.
• Chapter 13: Using ActiveX and Plug-Ins with JavaScript.
• Chapter 14: Ajax.
• Chapter 15: JavaScript Frameworks.
Appendix A: Answers to Exercises.
Appendix B: JavaScript Core Reference.
Appendix C: W3C DOM Reference.
Appendix D: Latin-1 Character Set.