ISBN 9788181284228,Beginning Sql Server 2005 For Developers: Frm Novi

Beginning Sql Server 2005 For Developers: Frm Novi


Robin Dewson


Dreamtech Press



Dreamtech Press

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788181284228

ISBN-10 8181284224


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 532 Pages
Language (English)

Computer programming

This book features practical steps to help you overcome issues you're likely to encounter. You'll learn to use SQL for querying, inserting, updating, and deleting data. You'll also learn how to back up and restore databases for basic administration in SQL Server. Further, you'll cover how to build a complete database, from the fundamentals of relational database design to table and index creation. Additionally, you'll start to program in T-SQL, SQL Servers implementation (and extension) of the SQL programming language and you'll come away with effective programming techniques using stored procedures and triggers. About the Author Robin Dewson has been hooked on programming ever since he bought his first computer, a Sinclair ZX80, in 1980. He has been working with SQL Server since version 6.5 and Visual Basic since version 5. Robin is a consultant mainly in the city of London, where he has been for nearly eight years. He also has been developing a rugby-related website as well as maintaining his own site at Table Of Contents Chapter 1: SQL Server 2005 Overview and Installation Chapter 2: SQL Server Management Studio Chapter 3: Database Design and Creation Chapter 4: Security Chapter 5: Defining Tables Chapter 6: Creating Indexes and Database Diagramming Chapter 7: Database Backups, Recovery and Maintenance Chapter 8: Working with the Data Chapter 9: Building a View Chapter 10: Stored Procedures Chapter 11: T-SQL Essentials Chapter 12: Advanced T-SQL Chapter 13: Triggers Chapter 14: SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services