James Bucanek



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788126507955

ISBN-10 8126507950


Number of Pages 612 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Books

Aimed at over 300,000 developers, this book teaches how to use Xcode and the user interface elements and objects to create Macintosh applications using the Cocoa frameworks. Xcode is the main (central) application to build Macintosh applications, and Cocoa is the modern API used to develop on the Mac. Using easy to follow instructions, programmers will be able to use Xcode and Interface Builder to learn step by step how to program their own applications. Topics covered include: Installation Slider Windows Windows with Text Drawers Tabs NSLog Web Link Target/Action with a date Sheets Alert Panel Printer Switch Image MiniCalc FirstLastName NSString Table of contents : Acknowledgments Introduction Installing Xcode The Grand Tour Xcode Layout The Project Sources Editing Text Searching Class Browser Help and Documentation Interface Builder Class Modeling Data Modeling Targets Building Projects Debugging Performance Analysis Unit Testing Sharing Source Customizing Xcode Appendix A: Exercise Answers Appendix B: Project Templates Index Market Description : Novice programmers who want to learn how to use Xcode and Interface Builder to build applications. Experienced programmers who are new to the Mac and who are interested in learning how to use this powerful tool to build cocoa applications. About Author : James Bucanek has spent over 25 years programming and developing microprocessor systems. He has first hand experience with a broad range of computer hardware and software, from the smallest embedded consumer products running a handmade Forth interpreter to multi-million dollar silicon wafer deposition furnaces operating in a complex manufacturing network. Other projects include the fist local area network for the Apple computer, distributed air conditioning control systems, a piano teaching system, digital oscilloscopes, and collaborative writing and assessment tools for K-12 education. James holds a Java Developer Certification from Sun Microsystems, a patent for optimizing network transactions, and an associates degree in classical ballet from the Royal Academy of Dance. He has been the technical editor and a contributing author for several recent books on Mac OS X. James is currently focused on Macintosh software development, where he can combine his deep knowledge of UNIX and object-oriented languages with his passion for elegant design.