ISBN 9788191067323,Benaami




Amaryllis Publishing House

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788191067323

ISBN-10 8191067323


Number of Pages 360 Pages
Language (English)

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In the mid-nineteenth century, a secret society known only as the Benaami, is set up to fight the British East India Company, which has colonised the country. The Benaami spreads its presence across India and in 1857, incites the native sepoys of the British army to mutiny. Arjun Chatterjee, a software engineer, has strange recurring dreams. Together with Sheila Guha, the beautiful professor of history researching the Benaami, he sets out to unravel the clues to his past. In the process, they get embroiled in a deadly conspiracy hatched by a megalomaniac with his own connection to the Benaami. As the parallel plots, separated by a century-and-a-half but with stunning similarities, hurtle to their climax, Arjun and Sheila race against time and destiny. But will they be able to prevent disaster? About the Author Anish Sarkar Anish Sarkar is an IIT-IIM graduate and a senior executive with Capge mini, a French multinational company. Born in Mumbai, he grew up in Kolkata and currently splits his time between both cities. Anish is a wildlife enthusiast and avid cricket fan. He enjoys travelling to new places. Benaami is his debut novel.

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