ISBN 9788132103035,Bengaluru, Bangalore, Bengaluru : Imaginations and Their Times

Bengaluru, Bangalore, Bengaluru : Imaginations and Their Times


Narendar Pani


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788132103035

ISBN-10 8132103033

Hard Back

Number of Pages 316 Pages
Language (English)


Probing into history beyond mere historical facts, this book focuses on the ?imaginations? that have determined the course of Bengaluru over the last two-and-a-half centuries. It puts together contemporary accounts of the imaginations of those who were heard at each point of time. This approach is particularly relevant in the India of the current time where debates on history are largely a matter of choosing one set of historical facts over the other. The imaginations in the book relate to those of the Bengaluru of the eighteenth century that the British colonised; the nineteenth century Bangalore they ruled, directly or indirectly; the post-Independence Bangalore of the twentieth century; and the Bengaluru of the twenty-first century. It identifies the events that marked the turning points in the history of the city over those centuries, from the Battle for Bangalore in 1791 to the battles on the city?s roads in the twenty-first century. It then picks the ?words? that capture the vision that prompted each event, whether it was in the form of Thomas Munro?s letter home, Seshadri Iyer?s report to the Assembly on the plague or the prospectus of the Initial Public Offer of shares by Infosys. This work, which provides a new picture of Bengaluru?s history as well as a method of looking at the past that is quite different from most Indian historical studies, will interest historians, academics and sociologists. Table of Contents PREFACE Imaginations of Bengaluru NARENDAR PANI I: BENGALURU TO BANGALORE The Fall of the Pete, 4 March 1791 MARK WILKS The Storming of the Fort, 21 March 1791 THOMAS MUNRO A Diary in 1800 FRANCIS BUCHANAN II: CANTONMENT AND THE ANGLO-INDIAN LEGACY The Defence of Lieutenant-Colonel John Bell, 27 February 1810 The Mutiny of the 84th, October 1815 A Weslyan View REV ARTHUR WILLIAMS Whitefield BENJAMIN LEWIS RICE Muslim Citizens of the Civil and Military Station M KANTHARAJ URS III: EDUCATING BANGALORE Miss Manning and Zenana Education RAJAMMA THAMBOO CHETTY Enumerating Education BENJAMIN LEWIS RICE The Underdog as Scientist KRISHNARAJA WADIYAR IV Accessing Education Abroad C R REDDY Examinations and Merit MIRZA M ISMAIL IV: IN PURSUIT OF THE MODERN The Coming of Electricity K SHESHADRI IYER, T R A THUMBOO CHETTY and P N KRISHNAMURTI Son of Mysore HARIANNA Investigate, Educate, Organise M VISVESVARAYA Workers of the City, Unite Taking Off L C MCCARTY The Birth of the Infosys Saga V: GUARDIAN STATE The Plague C SREENIVASAIENGAR and K SHESHADRI IYER Moving out of Risk CAMPBELL`S DIRECTORY The Vokkaliga Case VOKKALIGARA SANGHA Living Through the Debate on Reservation K R SRINIVASA IYENGAR VI: BANGALORE TO BENGALURU The Gokak Card DEEPA GANESH Response to Gokak U R ANANTHAMURTHY An Agenda for a Global City BANGALORE AGENDA TASK FORCE (BATF) Warm, Warmer U S DE Getting up to Speed KISHOR G BHAT Governing Change CHRISTOPH DITTRICH The Built Environment SRIKUMAR M MENON and NITA SOANS VII: THE FUTURE IN THE PAST Of Men and Ramrajya M K GANDHI In Science We Trust MIRZA M ISMAIL Epilogue