ISBN 9789381638903,BESE 66 Adolescence And Family Education

BESE 66 Adolescence And Family Education



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381638903

ISBN-10 938163890X


Number of Pages 186 Pages
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BESE 66 Adolescence And Family Education CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Adolescence Unit1 Understanding the Adolescent (Physical, Cognitive and Social Development) Unit2 Behavioural Pattern of Adolescents Unit3 Common Concerns of Adolescents Unit4 Role and Function of Teachers and School for Guiding Adolescents Block 2 Life Skills Based Education and Objectives Unit5 Basic Concept and Objectives of Life Skills Education Unit6 Sexual Health Education Unit7 Sex, Gender and Sexuality Unit8 Core Life Skills Unit9 Role, Functions and Responsibility of Teachers Block 3 Family Life Education Unit10 Concept of Family in Indian Context Unit11 Family Life Education Concept and Importance Unit12 Role of Home, School and Religion Unit13 Building and Sustaining Family Relationships Block 4 Capacity Building Unit14 Valuebased Interventions in School for Adolescent and Family Health Unit15 Valuebased Interventions in Teacher Education Institutions Unit16 Health and Hygiene Programmes in School Unit17 Dealing with Situations of Coeducation in Schools QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper Dec 2010 2. Solution Paper June 2011 3. Solution Paper Dec 2011 4. Question Paper June 2012