ISBN 9780521682596,Better English Pronunciation

Better English Pronunciation



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780521682596

ISBN-10 0521682592


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)

Language Learning & Teaching

Pronunciation is a branch within Linguistics that deals with a person’s ability to accurately use stress, intonation, and rhythm when speaking. The way a word is spoken depends on factors such as speech and voice disorders, ethnic group, education, social class, and duration of cultural exposure.

In Better English Pronunciation (With 2 Audio CDs) is a widely used and leading authority on pronunciation. This book is ideal for non native speakers of the English language as well as for individuals at both the intermediate and advanced levels, to improve their elocution.
The book begins with a short introduction to problems that may be experienced during pronunciation. Then O’Connor proceeds to explain the way speech organs operate. The text then addresses how each sound is produced before combining them to create words. Rhythm patterns of speech and intonation are addressed next. Students also have the opportunity to practice what they learn at regular intervals in the book. The author also addresses specific difficulties which speakers of Arabic and Hindi may experience. Remedial exercises for these difficulties are also included.

The text is organized into 7 chapters. These chapters are: Pronunciation problems, How speech organs work in English, English consonants, Consonant sequences, Words, Vowel of English and Intonation. The book concludes with a selection of conversational passages that will give readers pronouncing practice, answers to the exercises in the chapters, a set of appendices, and a glossary.

The first edition of Better English Pronunciation was published in 1967.

About J. D. O’Connor

J. D. O’Connor was an author and a phonetician, who hailed from the United Kingdom.

His other works are Intonation Of Colloquial English.

O’Connor graduated from University College London in 1937. He also served in the Royal Armoured Corps, where he attained the rank of Major. In 1945, he was appointed as a teacher at University College in the Phonetics Department. O’Connor retired from teaching in 1980. O’Connor was also a member of the Ickenham Cricket Club. He passed away in July of 1998.
Table of Contents
Foreword to the second edition
1. Problems in pronunciation
2. How the speech organs work in English
3. The consonants of English
4. Consonant sequences
5. The vowel of English
6. Words in company
7. Intonation
Conversational passages for practice
Answers to exercises