ISBN 9780749454555,Beyond Bullsh*t: Straight-Talk at Work

Beyond Bullsh*t: Straight-Talk at Work


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Kogan Page Ltd

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780749454555

ISBN-10 0749454555

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Number of Pages 168 Pages
Language (English)

Business & management

Straight-talk at work! Grumblings in offices everywhere suggest that there is not much that we crave more, but dont get often enough Beyond Bullsh*t reveals the dynamics of Bullsh*t and why it has become the corporate etiquette of choice. It also explains how telling it straight contributes to personal well-being and business success.

This book is for people who wonder what its going to take to get rid of the constant deception and obfuscation that, at the end of the work day, leaves them feeling beaten up, confused, and even a little dirty. It is also for the people greeting them at home, wondering "Whats going on that takes such a toll?" Pressed for an answer, many explain "Its all the Bullsh*t I have to endure." Even people who disdain deception find themselves involved in it. They respond to bullsh*t with more of the same.

After decades of research and consulting, Samuel A Culbert is convinced that straight-talk at work is possible. But it requires more than luck and willing people. Straight-talk is the product of thoughtful, caring relationships built upon trust and a commitment to look out for one anothers success. Culbert describes this brand of truthfulness as "a caring, other-sensitive, candor-on-demand, loyalty-producing, intimacy-escalating, give-and-take relationship, leading to enhanced personal and organizational productivity." From an organizational perspective, theres no greater contribution to operational effectiveness and success than conversations in which people with conflicting viewpoints discuss their differences forthrightly.

Readers will find this book personal- which is unusual for a "business book"; they will think that many of the stories are about them. They will be engaged and delighted as the text

demystifies the obstacles to getting beyond Bullsh*t, and guides them in developing straight-talk relationships at work.

About The Author
Samuel A Culbert is Professor of Management at the University of California, Los Angeles, Anderson School of Management. He is the author of five previous books, including Dont Kill The Bosses! (2001). He is the recipient of the American Association of Publishers Best Management Book of the Year award and the Harvard Business Review McKinsey Award. Dr Culbert lives in Malibu with his wife and inspiration, Rosella Forte.

Table of Contents
Getting Straight-Talk at Work
Theory Section Bullsh*t: Bullsh t-Is It the Nemesis?; 3 Bullsh*t-Its Essential to Corporate Harmony; Bullsh*t-Corporate Pretense Cancels Human Nature
Theory Section Straight-Talk: Straight-Talk I - Speak Required; Straight-Talk-How Does It Differ from Truth-Telling and Candor?; Straight-Talk-Relationship Is King
Applications Section: Straight-Talk-When Is It Possible with the Boss?; Straight- Talk-Benefits/Liabilities; Straight-Talk-Conditions for Getting It; Straight- Talk- Truth- Finding
Conclusion: Straight-Talk-It Pays to Advertise
Appendix A-Alignment Questions