ISBN 9780761932581,Beyond Consumer Marketing : Sectoral Marketing and Emerging Trends

Beyond Consumer Marketing : Sectoral Marketing and Emerging Trends


J S Panwar


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SAGE Response

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780761932581

ISBN-10 0761932585


Number of Pages 496 Pages
Language (English)


Consumer marketing, aimed primarily at the urban middle-classes, has dominated the imagination of marketing strategists in India. However, in the race to capture the consumer sector, some of the crucial and upcoming sectors of the Indian economy, which are gathering considerable momentum after economic liberalization, have escaped a close and rigorous examination. Beyond Consumer Marketing presents a holistic and comprehensive analysis of some these emerging sectors of the Indian economy. It begins with an overview of the present marketing situation in various sectors of the Indian economy. J S Panwar then provides a detailed, micro-level discussion of a variety of key areas including: - Agricultural and rural marketing - Services marketing -Non-profit and social marketing - Time-based competition - E-commerce in marketing - Packaging and branding - Retailing -Consumer rights and environment protection Table of Contents Preface The Domestic Market Environment: Opportunities and Challenges Agricultural Marketing: A Low Key Affair Rural Marketing: The Changing Scenario Non-profit Marketing Services Marketing Marketing of Industrial Goods From Commodity Marketing to Branding Unleashing the Power of Packaging Taking Advantage of Pace E-merging Commerce The Changing Face of Retailing in India Protecting the Consumer Environmental Issues in Business and Marketing Index