ISBN 9780140449235,Beyond Good and Evil

Beyond Good and Evil



Penguin Books

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9780140449235

ISBN-10 014044923X


Number of Pages 240 Pages
Language (English)


Beyond Good And Evil is a collection of 296 aphorisms, and each of them can be considered to stand out by themselves. However, there is a sort of linear progression from one aphorism to the other. Some of these are merely a few lines in length, while some run into several pages. All these aphorisms are grouped together and divided into nine chapters, thematically. Nietzsche attacks the approach of philosophers in general, accusing them of dogmatism. He says that what philosophers claim to be their theories, are nothing more than glorified confessions. It is Nietzsche's opinion that if one could really dissect these theories, one would be able to find out what these philosophers truly value in life and what their shortcomings are. Beyond Good And Evil then talks of the modern concept of thought, saying that philosophers in the future should be more experimental, having no prejudices but willing to accept any hypothesis, and should be able to follow their conclusions to the end, wherever they may be led by their theories. Nietzsche also speaks of religious spirit, saying that it is a kind of dogma in itself. He also condemns the "herd" mentality, saying that it encourages a sort of dull mediocrity at best. He says that all scholastic approaches have come to this, and that they are wrong in just using dry facts. He says that the ideal philosopher should be able to produce values and real meanings, rather than relying on endless facts and statistics. Whether speaking on religion, philosophy, nationality and race, anti-Semitism or the concept of 'nobility', Beyond Good And Evil is candid and penetrating.

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