ISBN 9788183520126,Beyond Love

Beyond Love


Ankit Uttam



Mahaveer Publishers

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788183520126

ISBN-10 818352012X


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)


Beyond Love: What Lies Beneath? explores love in all its shades and is presented as a collection of four and a half stories that revolve around the lives of the protagonist, Anshul and his friends. The book details how a group of young men in their twenties that started college life with dreams and ambitions in their heart, deal with their friendships made along the way, and ragging. Anshul, the main protagonist, vying for the best engineering college, is unable to secure his admission there, and hence has to make do with an average level college. As he goes through typical college life, his experiences include making new friends and having crushes on girls. The book is a candid portrayal of these memorable college days that most people go through at that age, together with a mixed bag of experiences, some good and some bad, including life’s challenging dilemmas, conflicts of the heart and the mind, and different types of relationships. Not all love is saintly and pure like candy floss and red roses, in fact, love is often experienced in shades of black and grey too, filled with hopes, broken dreams, disappointment, and betrayal. Beyond Love: What Lies Beneath? although fiction based, takes a real look at some of these darker concepts of love and relationships like lust and betrayal, which the characters experience, each in his own way. Beyond Love: What Lies Beneath? explores a variety of human emotions and feelings that come alive through its different stories depicting love and relationships from different perspectives. There are many different facets to human beings, some which are considered undesirable like evil, greed, death, and selfishness, but still lurk among the best of us, and it is these candid emotions that are well captured in this book.