ISBN 9788178291710,Beyond Micro-Credit : Putting Development Back into Micro-Finance

Beyond Micro-Credit : Putting Development Back into Micro-Finance


Thomas Fisher


Sage Vistaar



Sage Vistaar

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9788178291710

ISBN-10 8178291711


Number of Pages 392 Pages
Language (English)


Micro-finance has emerged in recent years as a major tool for development and is fast growing as an international industry. This book explores how developmental goals and action can be put back into micro-finance. It sets out how micro-finance can be designed, in practice, to contribute to a wide range of developmental objectives, including social and economic security for poor people, promoting livelihoods, building democratic people`s organisations, empowering women, and changing wider systems or institutions within society. It provides a detailed discussion on the fast expanding movement of savings and credit or `self-help` groups in India, and presents a comparison of these groups with those promoted by the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, reviewing the differences in their sustainability, outreach and impact on poor people. Table of Contents Introduction Introduction to the Financial Sector in India I. MICRO-FINANCE AND DEVELOPMENT: Micro-Finance and Social and Economic Security Micro-Finance and Livelihoods: The Challenge of BASIX Micro-Finance and People?s Organisations Micro-Finance and System-Wide Change II. MICRO-FINANCE: ORGANISATIONS AND INSTITUTIONS: Self-Help Groups and Grameen Bank Groups: What are the Differences? MALCOLM HARPER Costs in Micro-Finance: What Do Urban Self-Help Groups Tell Us? MATHEW TITUS Exploring Empowerment and Leadership at the Grassroots: Social Entrepreneurship in the SHG Movement in India AJIT KANITKAR Sustainability and Development: Evaluating the Performance of Indian Micro-Finance SANJAY SINHA and FRANCES SINHA Rising to the Challenge of Scale in India: Growing the Micro-Finance Sector MATHEW TITUS Emerging Lessons and Challenges THOMAS FISHER Appendix: Capacity-Building and Organisational Learning Project for Development Finance in India Bibliography Index