ISBN 9789381448045,Bhavishya Janne Ki Saral Vidhi

Bhavishya Janne Ki Saral Vidhi


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V & S Publishers

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381448045

ISBN-10 9381448043


Number of Pages 122 Pages
Language (Hindi)

Indian Writing

The person depending on the position of different planets at birth horoscope is created. According to these different yoga positions of the planets are formed. These formulations have certain consequences, ie fruits, on which the person's life events - accidents, profit - losses can be easily read. The collection of such formulations is important. From ancient times to prove their authenticity standing formulations author search - search in this book is Sankilat. Power Yoga as many formulations of the pleasure and high officials of the information is contained. Similarly, 137 pecuniary formulations meet the sudden wealth, buried - finding hidden money etc. fame and formulations relating to education, is also described. Overall, the hierarchical classification of 891 formulations and important questions of life.