ISBN 9788190236942,Bhutan Kingdom Of The Dragon

Bhutan Kingdom Of The Dragon


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Timeless Books

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9788190236942

ISBN-10 8190236946

Hard Back

Number of Pages 175 Pages
Language (English)

History & Politics

This is the response you can expect if you say you are going to Bhutan. Nestling between India and Tibet, this remote Himalayan mountain kingdom is a jewel of Buddhism, protected by impenetrable jungle to the south and daunting ranges of snow-capped mountains to the north. Independent since the 8th century and with its age-old traditions very much alive, Bhutan is a unique example of original Himalayan culture, a priceless asset in the modern world which seems to be shrinking day by day as large jets deposit thousands of tourists to every corner of the earth. Bhutan jealously guards its lifestyle and ancient traditions, opening its doors only with caution and wisdom. The visitor who is admitted will then discover its valleys and mountains, its fortresses and villages: an unending symphony of light, shapes and colours. The beauty if the pastoral landscape can seem unreal to travellers from the industralized world; houses with brightly decorated window frames and shingled roofs, patchworks of green paddy fields, plots of tawny buckwheat, oak forests, a covered bridge, fences of intricately woven bamboo, a man leaning on a wooden rail trampling his harvest, a woman weaving in the open air, a baby laced into a horse's saddle bag, yaks browsing ina grove of giant rhododendrons. Such scenes remain in the memory forever. But it is the symbols of Bhutan's religion which leave the deepest impression: the chortens (commemorative monuments) dotting the landscape, fluttering the prayer flags, prayer wheels turned by the water of swift mountain streams, the monasteries. Buddhism is everywhere, determining attitudes, moulding thoughts. Red-robed monks, high lamas, the religious men in the villages. All part of a country that remains one of Asia's deepest mysteries.