ISBN 9788192512174,Bible History of the Old and New Testaments: With a Compendium of Church History

Bible History of the Old and New Testaments: With a Compendium of Church History



Neha Publishers & Distributors

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788192512174

ISBN-10 8192512177

Hard Back

Number of Pages 332 Pages
Language (English)


The Book provides a comprehensive coverage in relation to History of Bible, and of Churches. It includes sequential timelines, Biblical facts, and overviews of History of both BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini). The Author encircles this phenomenal account of History in two different phases. The First phase is the summation of writings enshrining Bible History. This phase covers the historical account in Five Eras ranging from 4004 B.C. to 1 A.D. The First Era talks thoroughly on the process of the ‘Creation of the World’ to the ‘Dispersion of Mankind’. The Second Era brings out the year’s witnessing the ‘Call of Abram’ to the ‘Birth of Moses’. Then, in the Third Era the whole picture, till the ‘Death of Solomon’ unfolds. The Fourth Era starts up with the ‘Death of Solomon’ and ends at the ‘Babylonian Captivity’. The momentous period of BC is covered in the Fifth Era; from the ‘Restoration of the Jews’ to the ‘Birth of Christ’. In furtherance of the Christ Birth, there is also a synopsis highlighting ‘Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ’.

The Second phase is an elaborate Compendium of Church History by Rev. John A. Dillon. This Phase covers a vast period, that is to say, Ancient Times, Middle Ages and Modern Times (A.D. 33 to the then present day, i.e., A.D. 1916). All the respective Times have been detailed by its demarcation in Epochs. Each Epoch covers a relevant time period, meticulously submitting History of that particular age. The period of Ancient Times starts with the ‘Foundation of the Church’ and ends with ‘Coronation of Charlemagne’. Period of Middle Ages begins with the ‘Restoration of the Western Empire’ and elaborates till the ‘Rise of Protestantism’. Lastly, the then period of Modern Times exhaustively spells out from the ‘Rise of Protestantism’, the ‘French Revolution’ and goes upto A.D. 1916.

As Rev. J.L. (John Lancaster) Spalding, the then Bishop of Peoria, himself concluded in the Preface of the Book, revealing the truth about Author’s sole aim “to supply Catholic schools with a complete text-book of sacred History”. Further, the Author believes that Christianity as a religion cannot have any right theory and it can be understood only when it is clearly defined by means of authentic History. This piece of Work is an endeavor to rightly bring to light the deeds rather than the thoughts of Christian Religion.

This is an exceptional and a complete Book in itself as it encapsules Bible and Church History; thereby covering 6000 years of heritage (4004 B.C. to A.D. 1916). It incorporates the Origin, History, and Development on the concerned subjects in layman language; also equipped with a quick reference guide in the form of Pronouncing Vocabulary for beginners and novice learners. It covers subjects like History, Christianity, Theology in general, and Biography of Lord Jesus Christ. The Book, is a must read for Christian Laity, Church Clergies, General Readers, Students and Researchers.

About the Author :-

Rev. B. J. (Benedict Joseph) Spalding (1850?-1887) was the late Pastor of St. Mary’s Church, and Chancellor of the Diocese of Peoria. He had also authored a 2-vol. work titled ‘The History of the Church of God from the Creation to the Present Day’.