ISBN 9780375506109,Bill Clinton An American Journey

Bill Clinton An American Journey


Random House India



Random House India

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9780375506109

ISBN-10 0375506101


Number of Pages 816 Pages
Language (English)

General & world history

Bill Clinton, forty-second president of the United States, is the quintessential baby boomer: on the one hand blessed with a near-genius IQ, on the other, beset by character flaws that made his presidency a veritable soap opera of high ideals, distressing incompetence, model financial stewardship, and domestic misbehavior. In an era of cultural civil war, the Clinton administration fed the public an almost daily diet of scandal and misfortune. Who is Bill Clinton, though, and how did this baby-boom saga begin? Clinton?s upbringing in Arkansas and his student years at Georgetown, Oxford, and Yale universities help us to see his life not only as a personal story but as the story of modern America. Behind the closed doors of the house on the hill above Park Avenue in Hot Springs, the struggle between Clinton?s stepfather and mother became ultimately unbearable, causing Virginia to move out and divorce Roger Clinton. Dreading confrontation, Bill Clinton excelled in almost every field save athletics. But the fabled success of the scholarship boy would be marred by the decisions he came to make regarding Vietnam and military service?choices that haunt him to this day. We watch with a mixture of alarm, fascination, and awe as Bill Clinton does so much that is right?and so much that is wrong. He sets his cap for the star student at Yale, young Hillary Rodham, seducing her with his dreams of a better America and an aw-shucks grin. Wherever he goes, he charms and disarms?young and old, men and women...and more women. He becomes a law professor straight out of college; he contests a congressional election in his twenties?and almost wins it. He becomes attorney general of his state and within two years is set to become the youngest-ever governor of Arkansas, at only thirty-two.