ISBN 9783527410156,Bio-Nanomaterials



Wiley Blackwell



Wiley Blackwell

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9783527410156

ISBN-10 3527410155

Hard Back

Number of Pages 300 Pages
Language (English)

Biology, life sciences

Bionanotechnology covers the development of novel techniques and materials by making use of the inspiration derived from biomolecular structures and processes. The progress in molecular biology and microbiology over the past 50 years has provided a solid basis for such development. Well characterized natural biomolecules as well as tailored recombinant proteins and tailored microorganisms obtained by genetic engineering provide a large toolbox for the implementation of biological structures in a technical environment. Biologically inspired materials engineering enables, for example, the preparation of living tissue for regenerative bone therapy and the biologically controlled mineralization of precious metal catalysts via immobilized microorganisms. Written by authors from different fields to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the topic, this book guides the reader through novel nanomaterials processing inspired by nature. The presentation is structured around general principles in seven chapters, each composed of three parts: (1) biological case studies providing the motivation, (2) elucidation of the particular principle, (3) applications related to materials processing.

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