ISBN 9788126526437,Biochemical Calculations, 2Nd Ed

Biochemical Calculations, 2Nd Ed



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788126526437

ISBN-10 8126526432


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 460 Pages
Language (English)

able Of Contents Acid-Base Chemistry Aqueous Solutions Equilibrium Constants Acids and Bases Laboratory Buffers Amino Acids and Peptides Blood Acids and Peptides Blood Buffers Practice Problems Chemistry Of Biological Molecules Amino Acids; Peptides, and Proteins Carbohydrates Lipids Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids Practice Problems Biochemical Energetics Energy-Yielding and Energy-Requiring Reactions Calculations of Equilibrium Concentrations Oxidation-Reduction Reactions Metabolism and ATP Yield Photosynthetic Phosphorylation Active Transport Enthalpy Entropy Activation Energy Practice Problems Enzymes Enzymes as Biological Catalysts Enzymes Kinetics Reaction Order Methods of Plotting Enzymes Kinetics Data Enzymes Inhibition Effect of pH on Enzymes Stability and Activity Effect of Temperature on Enzyme Stability and Activity Enzyme Assays Multisubstrate Enzymes and Kinetic Mechanisms Multisite and Allosteric Enzymes Enzyme Turnover Practice Problems Spectrophotometry And Other Optical Methods Spectrophotometry Fluorometry Optical Rotation ? Polarimetry Practice Problems Isotopes In Biochemistry Isotopes and Radioactive Decay Solutions of radioactive Compounds Assays Using Radioactive Substrates Double-Label Analysis Biological Half-Life ? Turnover Radioactive Tracer and Dilution Analyses Counting Errors Stable Isotopes Practice Problems Appendices Answers To Practice Problems Logarithms Atomic Numbers and Atomic Weights of The Elements Index