ISBN 9788120344488,Biological Anthropology: The Natural History Of Humankind

Biological Anthropology: The Natural History Of Humankind




Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788120344488

ISBN-10 8120344480


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 640 Pages
Language (English)


The Third Edition Of This Well-Received Book Combines Updated Comprehensive Coverage Of The Material That Any Traditional Biological Anthropology Text Explains With A Modern Biological Approach That Includes Fields That Have Recently Become Major Areas Of Research By Biological Anthropologists.

Key Features

Student-Oriented Pedagogy In Each Chapter--Short Vignettes Depicting The Main Topic Of The Chapter, Etc.
Margin Glossary That Defines New Terms.
Visual Summary And Critical Thinking Questions Intended To Stimulate Discussion And Exploration Of A Topic.
Table Of Contents
Introduction: What Is Biological Anthropology?
Part I Mechanisms Of Evolution
1. Origins Of Evolutionary Thought
2. Genetics: Cells And Molecules
3. Genetics: From Genotype To Phenotype
4. The Forces Of Evolution And The Formation Of Species
5. Human Variation: Evolution, Adaptation, And Adaptability
Part Ii Primates
6. The Primates
7. Primate Behavior
Part Iii Paleontology And Primate Evolution
8. Fossils In Geological Context
9. Origin Of Primates
10. Becoming Human: The Ape-Hominin Transition
Part Iv The Human Fossil Record
11. Early Hominins
12. Origin And Evolution Of The Genus Homo
13. Archaic Homo Sapiens And Neandertals
14. The Emergence And Dispersal Of Homo Sapiens
Part V New Frontiers In Biological Anthropology
15. Evolution Of The Brain And Language
16. Biomedical Anthroplogy
17. The Evolution Of Human Behavior
18. Bioarchaeology And Forensic Anthroplogy
Appendix A Overview Of The Brain
Appendix B Primate And Human Comparative Anatomy
Appendix C The Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
Appendix D Metric-Imperial Conversions
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