ISBN 9789380078397,Blue Book Of The Law Of Success

Blue Book Of The Law Of Success



Three Ess Publications

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789380078397

ISBN-10 9380078390


Language (English)


Napoleon Hill Blue Book of The Law of Success is an effective guide to success that has become everyones bible for money and although some of these might be found impossible to follow, others like the guarantees victory. Life is a challenge and is a struggle for those who do not know how to avail these laws, but Napoleon generosity and knowledge makes very gracious. But if one of those with the heart that knows what principles to trust to guide,sure to understand its complexity and see it as a wide expanse of opportunities and blessings.Book teaches us that there is a great power in every individuals mind. Like the secret law of attraction, it is a universal truth that the universe in its vastness is a generous one, giving what conceive and what desire with great conviction. Our minds are our masters. Another secret lesson of Napoleon Hill Laws of Success is that supposed to have a chief definite aim