ISBN 9789384089290,Board + IIT - JEE Foundation Mathematics (Class 8) 3rd Edition

Board + IIT - JEE Foundation Mathematics (Class 8) 3rd Edition


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Disha Publication



Disha Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789384089290

ISBN-10 938408929X


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 458 Pages
Language (English)


A strong foundation is what sets apart winners from the losers. 

Most of the competitive exams are designed to test the aptitude, comprehension or the analytical abilities of students. The basic difference between boards and competitive exams is that where the boards are focused on the knowledge and understanding of a subject the competitive exams are focused on the application and analysis of the subject. Dishas Board + IIT - JEE Foundation Mathematics (Class 8) are designed with a balance between the two. The book will act as a bridge between boards and competitions.

The book deals with the concept in detail discussing all important aspects of the topic. The theory is empowered with the inclusion of : 

1. Check points

2. Think it over

3. Do you know? 

4. Illustrations

5. Miscellaneous solved examples

Another powerful aspect of the book is its exercises. Exercise 1 includes a lot of formative and summative exercises based on the new pattern of education. The book contains around 1000 formative & summative questions. The various types of questions included are

1. Fill in the blanks

True / False

3. Matching based question

4. Very short answer questions

5. Short answer questions

6. Long answer questions

7. HOTs questions

8. Passage fillers

9. Open ended questions

10. Activity based questions

11. Chart based questions

12. Cross word puzzle questions

Exercise 2 has been specifically prepared for competitive exams and is based on the new pattern of these exams. The book contains around 750 Competition level questions divided into 6 types of questions. The various types of questions incorporated are: 

1. Multiple choice questions (MCQ 1 correct) 

2. MCQs with more than 1 option correct

3. Passage based questions

4. Assertion reason type questions

5. Multiple matching

6. Subjective questions

Solutions to selected questions have been provided at the end of each chapter.
1. Real Number System
2. Equations
3. Geometry
4. Practical Geometry
5. Statistics
6. Square and Square Roots, Cube and Cube Roots
7. Commercial Mathematics
8. Algebra
9. Visualising Solid - Shapes
10. Mensuration
11. Direct and Inverse Proportion and Unitary Method