ISBN 9780749456283,Boreout: Overcoming Workplace Demotivation

Boreout: Overcoming Workplace Demotivation



Viva Education Private Ltd

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780749456283

ISBN-10 0749456280

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Number of Pages 158 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

kly at your computer screen all day? Do you spend your afternoons sending messages to friends on the internet? Does your job give you no satisfaction at all? Are you constantly tired and lethargic? If so, you could be suffering not from burnout but from boreout, which is fast becoming the new office epidemic. Boreout! explores the causes of demotivation in the workplace -- including boredom, disinterest in the job and the absence of a stimulating challenge. Boreout has become widespread in offices around the world, but the problem is only now being recognized by employers. In this insightful new book, the authors bring to light this growing problem and show employees and employers how to recognize boreout and avoid its consequences. Whether you are an employee suffering from this draining condition, or an employer desperate to save your staff from the boreout trap, this book is essential reading. About Author: S Philippe Rothlin has been working as a project manager in the banking sector for many years. He is co-founder of the advertising agency Gruetzi and works as a business strategy consultant. Peter Werder, a journalist and public relations business consultant, is currently in charge of the communications department of a major company in Switzerland. Together, they hold seminars and consult with companies regarding boreout