ISBN 9789382688761,BPHE-101/PHE-01 Elementary Mechanics

BPHE-101/PHE-01 Elementary Mechanics



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789382688761

ISBN-10 9382688765


Number of Pages 383 Pages
Language (English)


BPHE101/PHE01 Elementary Mechanics CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Revising Particle Kinematics and Dynamics Unit1 Motion: An Introduction Unit2 Motion in a Straight line Unit3 Motion in a Plane Unit4 Newton's Laws of Motion and Force Unit5 Applying Newton's Laws Unit6 Linear Momentum and Impulse Block 2 Work, Energy and Angular Motion Unit7 Work and Kinetic Energy Unit8 Conservation of Energy and Potential Energy Unit9 Angular Motion of a Particle Unit10 Torque and Angular Momentum Block 3 Systems of Many Particles Unit11 Motion under Central Forces Unit12 Dynamics of Manyparticle Systems Unit13 Conservation Laws for Manyparticle Systems Unit14 Rigid Body Dynamics Unit15 Motion in Noninertial Frames of Reference QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper Dec 2012 2. Solution Paper June 2013