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Brand Immortality


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Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780749457013

ISBN-10 0749457015

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Number of Pages 336 Pages
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Properly managed, no brand need decay and die - immortality is within the reach of all. If the right decisions, the right resources and the right imagination are brought to bear, brands can renew continuously and outlive their creators.

Brand Immortality is a practical health manual for brands of all types and ages that seek immortality. Drawing on the renowned IPA Effectiveness Awards case histories, and full of examples including Nokia, Sony, Nike, Apple and Virgin, it examines how the nature of brands has changed over time and continues to evolve, and the implications this has for marketing. It identifies the factors that are essential to a brand's long term survival - especially those which defend and strengthen a brand's place in the hearts and minds of consumers.

Enriched by comments from industry insiders who were directly involved with global brands, Brand Immortality identifies winning brand strategies. Full of experience and insight, it will help you beat the odds in winning, retaining and satisfying customers - and thus help you achieve brand immortality.

About the Author
Hamish Pringle is Director General of the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising). He has over 26 years' experience in the advertising industry having run his own branding and marketing consultancy and worked for Saatchi & Saatchi amongst many others. He is also the author of Brand Spirit, Brand Manners and Celebrity Sells .

Peter Field spent 15 years as a strategic planner in advertising before going on to manage the planning departments of Bates and Grey. For the last 10 years he has worked as a consultant, as well as a trainer, for the communications industry. Peter has written widely for various journals of the marketing and communications sectors, and in 2007 co-authored the highly respected IPA report Marketing in the Era of Accountability, which pioneered the exploration of the IPA's Effectiveness dataBANK. He extends that exploration in this book.

Table of Contents
Part 1-Brands as shareholder assets to be managed
Why immortality should matter to investors
Is death inevitable?
How the changing nature of brands affects brand resilience
How brand architecture affects brand resilience
Part 2-Common business models: meaningful or menacing to brands?
Introduction to the dangers of some strategic thinking models
The Ansoff Matrix
The Boston Matrix
Porter's Five Forces
The 4 Ps
Part 3-The evolution of advertising industry models
The FCB grid
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Part 4-The customer context for brands
The influence of customer life stage
The influence of customer mindset
Part 5-The broad rules for longevity - insights from the IPA Effectiveness Awards
Broad rules for longevity - introduction
The 'law of returns'
The use and abuse of brand extensions
Setting the right objectives and strategy
Choosing the right KPIs
Part 6-How the rules for longevity vary with category life-stage
New categories
Growth categories
Mature categories
Declining categories
Part 7-New threats to brand immortality
Future threats and opportunities for brands