ISBN 9780070581593,Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780070581593

ISBN-10 0070581592


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 316 Pages
Language (English)


How do you give your brand a competitive edge in a `me-too? situation? How do you differentiate your brand and give it a distinctive identity? How, in short, do you secure competitive advantage for your brand? Especially in a `mine-too? situation. The author answers all these questions and more, by discussing the concepts and principles involved in developing sound positioning strategy. He brings into focus its practice and applications with cases and examples from the Indian market. A large number of packaged goods, as well as some widely used durables such as two-wheelers, TV sets, etc. have been analysed. The second edition has new chapters on positioning of services and celebrity endorsements. Also new cases and examples have been included. With this coverage, the book will help markets and advertisers create sound positioning strategies for their brands Table of content :- 1. The Positioning Concept: Definitions and Illustrations 2. Positioning: Of What Stuff Is It Made? 3. Positioning is Rooted in Product Features?Or is it? 4. The Pursuit of Differential Advantage: Strategies for Competitive Advantage 5. Symbols by Which We Live and Buy 6. Positioning Successes ? Case Studies 7. A Fresh Look at Advertising Objectives 8. Positioning Through Celebrity Endorsement 9. Celebrity Endorsement 10. Stretch Your Brand ? But Watch Its Limits

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