ISBN 9788132102342,Branding Demystified : Plans to Payoffs

Branding Demystified : Plans to Payoffs


Harsh V Verma


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SAGE Response

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788132102342

ISBN-10 8132102347


Number of Pages 268 Pages
Language (English)


The various aspects of marketing surrounding a brand, such as advertising, sales promotion and distribution, can mislead and confuse brand builders. Branding Demystified: Plans to Payoffs identifies the foundations on which strong brands are built, with a distinct focus on the higher-order connect between the brands and their prospects. It also distinguishes these foundations from the other peripheral issues, thereby highlighting what is most important for brand building. With the help of India-centric examples and illustrations, the book analyses why brands have become indispensable in our lives. It communicates the key concepts of branding and branding strategy in a concise and clear manner. The book focuses on the following important branding challenges: - Brand meaning - Brand vision - Brand transformation - Brand value in higher orbits - Brand strategy - Leveraging the brand - Brand adjustments This book will be immensely helpful to entrepreneurs and to professionals in the fields of marketing, advertising, consulting and strategy. Teachers and students of business management, advertising and branding will find it an incisive and insightful text that draws attention away from the peripheral to the core aspects of branding. Table of Contents Preface Why Brands? What is a Brand? Brand Transformation Brand Vision: Concepts and Creation Pushing the Brand to Higher Orbits Pressing Hot Buttons in Consumer Value Space Internal and External Leveraging of Brand Assets Decoding Branding Strategy Shifting Brand Gears to Stay Connected Power Branding: Unequal among Equals