ISBN 9788132113119,Bridging the Social Gap

Bridging the Social Gap



SAGE Publications Ltd

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788132113119

ISBN-10 813211311X

Hard Back

Number of Pages 308 Pages
Language (English)


Bridging the Social Gap - Perspectives on Dalit Empowerment addresses four interrelated issues. It conceptualises exclusion-linked deprivation of excluded and indigenous groups in Indian society and elaborates the concept and meaning of social exclusion in general and of caste, untouchability and ethnicity-based exclusion in particular. It then presents the status of disadvantaged groups of Dalit and Adivasi and captures inter-social group inequalities in the attainment of human development. It then goes on to analyse factors associated with high deprivation of these disadvantaged groups in terms of low access to resources, employment, education and social needs. Finally, it highlights the role of caste discrimination in economic, civil and political spheres in the persistence of group inequalities. All these issues have been explained using simple language, relevant and recent data, case studies, news highlights related to civil, social, economic and political rights violation for easy and better understanding of readers.