ISBN 9781625131225,Britannica Book Of The Year 2014

Britannica Book Of The Year 2014





Encyclopedia Britannica

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9781625131225

ISBN-10 1625131224

Hard Back

Number of Pages 880 Pages
Language (English)


The 2014 Britannica Book Of The Year (A Review Of 2013) Is An Unequalled Account Of The People, The Events And The Trends That Made 2013 Memorable. Whether It'S A World Affair, Like The Overthrowing Of The Morsi Government In Egypt By Military Coup; Or A Historic Milestone Like The 50Th Anniversary Of The Assassination Of American President John F. Kennedy; Or The On-Going Extreme Weather Patterns And "Superstorms" Like The Super Typhoon Haiyan That Ravaged The Philippines, You'Ll Find It Explored And Illuminated In The Britannica Book Of The Year. This Title Offers A Valuable Viewpoint Of The People And Events That Shaped The Year. In Addition To Keeping The Encyclopadia Britannica Set Up-To-Date, It Also Serves As A Great Stand-Alone Reference Source For The Latest News On The Ever-Changing Populations, Governments And Economies Throughout The World. With Reports On The Significant Issues And Developments In All Key Fields And Industries - From Architecture To Health To Sport, From Art To Fashion To Science - The 2014 Britannica Book Of The Year Provides A Complete, Accurate And Stimulating Account Of 2013. Find Farewell Reports On The People Who Shaped The Times We Live In. Those Who Died In 2013 Include Some Remarkable And Elusive Personalities. Read Our 'Farewell Reports' On The Remarkable Figures Who Passed Away, Such As Europe'S First Woman Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, Black Nationalist And First Black President Of South Africa, Nelson Mandela And Irish Stage And Film Actor, Pete O'Toole. A Statistical Snapshot Of The World In World Data. Need To Know The Literacy Rate In Spain? Life Expectancy In China? The Gross National Income Of Cameroon? World Data Brings You Statistical Data - Social, Economic, And Financial - On More Than 200 Countries And Dependencies Throughout The World. It'S The Kind Of Detailed Information You Won'T - Or Can'T - Find Anywhere Else. Britannica Biographies - Those Who Made A Difference In 2013. Each Year The Britannica Editors Profile The Most Fascinating And Influential People Across The World - People Who Made History, Broke Records, Or Made A Difference, Such As: Pope Francis, The Newly Elected Pope Who Already Appears To Be Steering The Church In A Different Direction; Singer-Songwriter Cyndi Lauper, And Now Celebrated Broadway Composer; And Andy Murray, The First British Winner Of The All-England (Wimbledon) Tennis Championship In 77 Years.